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Self-driving technologies are a leading-edge innovation. However, in uncharted waters we often encounter a considerable number of problems which require modern solutions. To provide those solutions is our job.
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Development of self-driving - behind the scenes.
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Our teleoperation solution allows for the machine to be operated remotely. Plainly speaking, driving a car or operating a machine from your office. Using the LTE and 5G networks, we have achieved a stable and an exceptionally low latency providing the user with a wonderful real-time experience.
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Team Roboauto
Team Roboauto
RoboREC is a software developed to process sensorics data in order to record and replay the data about the outside enviroment. It includes a simple GUI to guide the user and make its usage easier. RoboREC grants you the tools to save recorded data no matter the source, as it supports many diverse technologies such as cameras, LiDAR, IMU, GPS, radar and naturally an implementation of your own data formats.
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RoboCORE is an easily scalable robotic engine and an open-source, lightweight alternative to ROS. Its unique data pointing mechanism allows for unconquerable speed. Together with its easy implementation, RoboCORE forms the perfect tool to operate autonomous machines.
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Team Roboauto
About Roboauto
Roboauto is a self-driving startup located in Brno, Czech Republic.
Our team began working in 2007, initially with miniature car models. They have built their first full scale prototype in 2014 and the team has grown even more since then. It now consists of 15 software developers and technicians.
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