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Utilize our services as experts in the self-operating field, from our own self-driving stack to custom made solutions. Our knowledge and expertise to help you prosper in the robotic industry.
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Development of self-driving - behind the scenes.
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Autonomous machines development
Wheter you are looking for simple advice or a complete enterprise, we are capable to support the development of autonomous machines, be it an automobile, a washing machine or a star-ship. Taking the first steps with vague ideas, our Roboauto team will not only lay the foundation by designing and creating the first prototypes, but also assist you in beginnings of a large-scale production and support you through the whole process.
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Team Roboauto
Team Roboauto
Using our self-driving solutions, we present a suitable way to display and manipulate data about the machine and its surroundings. We will help you create and refine the control interface to always be in charge of the machine. Specifically for the automotive industry, we employ the Qt Automotive framework to guarantee the best possible outcome.
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Data collecting and processing
We will provide the means to collect data from various sensors using our own field tested recording solutions. The service includes a team of experts designing safe and reliable data infrastructure to store recorded information. Further on, our SW ensures regular sensorics data surveillance to predict required maintenance work or other necessary readjustments. All of the above can be visualised and displayed in a way suitable for your needs.
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Team Roboauto
About Roboauto
Roboauto is a self-driving startup located in Brno, Czech Republic.
Our team began working in 2007, initially with miniature car models. They have built their first full scale prototype in 2014 and the team has grown even more since then. It now consists of 15 software developers and technicians.
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